Our March Newsletter

Nest Opportunity Fund® March 2022 Update

The Nest Opportunity Fund® is a positive impact investment fund that allows you to defer and reduce capital gains taxes while helping to rebuild American communities that have great potential, but lack smart, strategic investments.


Our K-1s have been sent to investors. Investors in the A Series will receive a tax write-off of about 10% of their original capital this year. Last year, they received a bit less than 10% for a total write-off to date of 15-20%. In addition, due to the 45L credit, investors each received a tax credit of about 1% of their invested capital. Our Series B investors did not receive a write-off, as no properties have been completed yet.

Operations Update: March 2022


Lexington and Columbus have completed one property that is available for rent.


Currently looking at two properties that are potential deals.


No new appraisals.


K-1s were sent out March 1st.

View 3D tours Through Our Completed Properties! (All in our Lexington Series A subsidiary)

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What We Have to Offer

As a reminder, the Nest Fund is a relatively conservative option rehabbing residential properties in Lexington, KY and Columbus, OH. For more info, feel free to download our deck or watch our 10-minute Pitch Video here.

For general inquiries, call 614-469-4685.

Clint Edgington, Nest Co-Founder: Clint@NestOpportunityFund.com
Meredith Stoudt, Nest Investor Liaison: Meredith@BHAdvisory.com

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