Our December Newsletter

Nest Opportunity Fund® December 2021 Update

We’ve acquired new rehab projects heading into the end of the year. Now, we are buckling down for the holiday season. Take a moment to sign up for our December OZ webinar below and don’t miss your December 31st deadline!

Don’t miss your opportunity to win the capital gains tax dilemma. It’s time to capitalize, not pay capital gains tax. Please register for our upcoming Live Webinar – Thursday, December 16th at 1:00pm EST.

Nest Fund Overview

We built Nest originally for ourselves to invest (as the first LPs!) in conservative, smaller real estate. We are patient and focus on day-to-day execution. We’ll return capital if our LPs want it or we can no longer underwrite purchases at our standards, but we wish to reinvest income if we productively can. If that fits the bill for you, contact us! Our assets are located in the growing cities of Columbus, OH and Lexington, KY.   

Only 12 Business Days Before The December 31st Deadline

December 31, 2021: The final date to receive any basis step-up on the original gain, which will further reduce the eventual capital gains tax liability. After this date, the 10% step-up in basis after a 5-year hold goes away; it is no longer possible to achieve a 5-year hold prior to the end of 2026. Schedule a 15-minute call with Clint to learn more about this deadline.

Operations Update

Property Rehabilitation: Our Rehab Teams Continue to Execute

We finished 15 units in our Georgetown building in Lexington, KY. These units will be available for rent soon.


Both Lexington and Columbus have experienced strong rental demand. We have no units unrented that have been available longer than a month.

Financing & Appraisals

We completed appraisals for 4 single-family homes in Lexington.


We have one additional test to be eligible for $62,000 in tax credits for environmental efficiency in our 31-unit Georgetown property, located in Lexington. OZ testing and audit was completed and sent to our partners.

View our Recent 3D Tours in Lexington, KY

Nest has recently staged units at our 31-unit “Georgetown” property at 917 Georgetown St. – Lexington, KY. Check out our 3D models below.

Events & Webinars

Clint is on the move. Stay tuned for his upcoming webinars.

Sign up for our December OZ Webinar

Clint will be joined this month by OZ law thought leader, Andrew Doup. Check out our upcoming webinar, Thursday, December 16th at 1pm est. Sign up here!

Real Estate Investor Summit

Clint will be hosting a roundtable at the 2021 Real Estate Investors Summit in Palm Beach Dec. 6-8. He will discuss Opportunity Zone advanced planning topics. Learn more here!

Steps to Get Started!

We’re here to help guide you in these decisions. Get started with NEST today!